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Milwaukee A-List 2016 - #3 Local acts (highest ROCK-HARD ROCK band)!  Click HERE to view link!

MAJESTY-> ​​"Hi Jeff, played other 2 songs from the

album, really good stuff."  - Federico Martinelli - Host of ITALY's Radio ROCK INVASION

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The Blacktop Kings in Milwaukee

“Check out some of my buddies in their band BlackTop Kings…Not your everyday classic rock band. They guys pull no punches, they totally jam, with conviction, like it matters.” – Steve Priem 08-11-18  

"If you haven’t seen the Blacktop Kings, do yourself a favor in 2020. These guys have unbelievable talent, and hands-down the best local band I’ve heard to date. It may sound like an exaggeration, but I felt honored to be able to experience this at the saloon on Calhoun on Saturday night. Many of my friends were there, and felt the same way. You guys are destined for great things, and I wish you the best of luck in 2020! ...And by the way, we have your majesty CD, and have played it so much it’s almost worn out..." - Debi Whitaker 12-17-19

Here are a couple of the Reviews from A-list 2016: "The Blacktop Kings are one of the tightest bands in the state. They play a variety of different songs that will keep all rock fans happy." - Greg H. ⋅ October 24, 2016"...Always a great time to watch and listen this local band with some of the most talented musicians you'll ever see. Love 'em! " - Cherrie B. ⋅ October 24, 2016 "Variety of music. Excellent vocals. Everyone in the band plays with passion . They really seem to enjoy what they are doing." - Michael P. ⋅ October 25, 2016

Photo by Chuck Stout

Photo by Scott Peterson

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For info call Chris Rehorst at 414.881.0872, or e-mail him at

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"Hard-driving, bluesy and groovy is how The Blacktop Kings describe their music. The group consists of Cole Harris (lead vocals/lead guitar), Jeff “Mitch” Mitchell (lead guitar), Kevin Rand (bass), Dave Merrill (lead vocals/keys) and Chris Rehorst (drums). The group came together a decade ago and has been a success locally. They take pride in performing in Wisconsin, especially in the Milwaukee area. The band has ties to a long list of local groups."Mitchel Writt - Urban Milwaukee [Band of the Week - Feb 2016]

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Here's how you can get the King's "Majesty" cd 1) Hardcopy cd at our upcoming shows, 2) Hardcopy cd at Exclusive Company in Greenfield WI, 3) Hardcopy at Tin Dog Records and Paradise Guitars in Beloit, WI,  and at Vogt Music in Janesville, WI, or 4) Hardcopy from, 5) electronic from  itunes , Amazon, cdbabyStreaming at Spotify  and  atApple.comAlso get it on Goodgle Play and Deezer!